Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year & New Start!

I hope everyone enjoys their new years eve tonight, or by the time you read this have enjoyed your new years & aren't suffering from a massive hangover!!

Starting my 30 or 60 day juice diet tomorrow, will decide nearer the time on how things are going if I can hack 60 days! (trying to insert shock face, but couldn't find it) Have been to the local supermarket and stocked up on fruit & veg needed. Never seen or bought so much in my life! 

My juicer arrived the other day, so no excuse now not to give it a real go. Going to blog, hopefully daily so it will spur me on! Tried a juice yesterday morning & got to say it tasted rather nice. Though that was apple & pear. I'm thinking the veg will be a little more difficult to stomach at first. 
I'm sure this is the start I need for a more healthy eating lifestyle. If you want to lose a little weight or be inspired watch 'Fat Sick & nearly dead' it's a very good watch. 
Last day or eating 'bad' so making the most of tonight & having an Indian.Well, why not have one last supper hey! 
Will report back tomorrow night with how the day has gone, & if I'm still in one piece or not! 

Happy new year to you all and enjoy your night!! 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Festive Family Time, & a Bouncing Cow!

Hello, My name is Tom or Herm to people who know me best! I live in the beautiful Dorset countryside & love my job walking dogs everyday and in all types of weather! Having worked in an office before, I'd much rather be out & about in all weathers than stuck behind a desk all day.

Me & my wife started the company up in September 2005 after becoming sick & tired of my job which I worked far to many hours & drove far to many miles each day. Money doesn't count for much if you're 6 foot under.
So we decided to try our hands at dog walking. As we love dogs it would become more of a hobby than a job! Thankfully after 4 months jobs started to roll in, & we haven't looked back since. 

We now have a little 2 year old called Toby, who is our world. He is such a happy chappy. Though does like to have a hissy fit now & again if things don't go his own way! Love this pic & sums him up.

We also have a Samoyed called Nanook. He is now 11 and nearly blind due to his diabetes. He is dog that prefers to stay outside, then cosy in the dry & warm with us! Though he is adorable even if a little mental sometimes.

Finally after 2 days off none stop, travelling, eating, drinking & opening presents I've got the chance to sit down for 5 minutes & write my first ever blog! 
What a lovely christmas it was as well. Toby now being 2 years old, he is starting to understand more about christmas. 

Though I'm almost starting to regret buying him the Thomas The Tank Engine train set! it's been going non stop for 2 days.. 

Christmas eve our family, which by the way isn't small. Ventured to the pantomime, 5 adults & 7 kids in tow! Have no idea how I got roped into this. Never again though. Was the longest,hardest 2 hours of my life! Also feel conscious people are watching & judging your every move. 
Toby was great for until the mid way break, then decided it was much more fun trying to climb all the stairs whilst screaming!! After the 4th time of taking him out screaming & shouting, his first panto was officially over. 
An alcoholic drink was well deserved after that! 

Christmas day was very special, seeing Toby's face with all the presents under the tree. Though it got to a point where he wanted to unwrap all the presents, even the ones that weren't his! It's hard not to spoil your own child and Toby is no exception. Very spoilt by all the family & now the sitting room is like toys r us. 

Hardly drank on Christmas day which is very surprising by my standards! I think having a massive session 3 weeks ago is still taking it's toll on my body! Though made up for it on boxing day with quite a few. Being surrounded by sweets & chocolate it's so hard not to over indulge. 
I ordered a juicer just before christmas which hopefully will turn up in the next few days, was inspired after watching 'fat sick & nearly dead' where an over weight man eats nothing but raw foods juiced for 60 days! This may be a little out of my reach, but going to try and hit 30 days. Also the juicer will come in very handy for when I make my homemade cider..Thats for another blog! 

So overall, I've been very spoilt with presents, scoffed on to many chocs,sweets & crisps & looking forward to my juicing whenever it decides to turn up! 
Secretly hoping it won't be for a couple of days, just to make sure I've made a huge dent in the food we've bought.. 

Well that's my first blog! 

Oh, nearly forgot to add.. this is Toby & his new bouncing cow! We love it..