Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year & New Start!

I hope everyone enjoys their new years eve tonight, or by the time you read this have enjoyed your new years & aren't suffering from a massive hangover!!

Starting my 30 or 60 day juice diet tomorrow, will decide nearer the time on how things are going if I can hack 60 days! (trying to insert shock face, but couldn't find it) Have been to the local supermarket and stocked up on fruit & veg needed. Never seen or bought so much in my life! 

My juicer arrived the other day, so no excuse now not to give it a real go. Going to blog, hopefully daily so it will spur me on! Tried a juice yesterday morning & got to say it tasted rather nice. Though that was apple & pear. I'm thinking the veg will be a little more difficult to stomach at first. 
I'm sure this is the start I need for a more healthy eating lifestyle. If you want to lose a little weight or be inspired watch 'Fat Sick & nearly dead' it's a very good watch. 
Last day or eating 'bad' so making the most of tonight & having an Indian.Well, why not have one last supper hey! 
Will report back tomorrow night with how the day has gone, & if I'm still in one piece or not! 

Happy new year to you all and enjoy your night!! 


  1. Good luck on your juicy diet! Keep in mind, output will increase and it can be hard to find a toilet on a dog walk.

    Oh wait, dogs manage, so can you... Happy New Year!

  2. Having juiced before, apples carrots and pears is lush! Keep blogging its a great way to look back on all the things you do!

  3. thanks for the comments. hopefully i won't get caught short when walking the dogs! new to blogging but loving it.
    will try apple,carrots & pears for tea!